Our Mission

Auntie Na’s House has always been a cornerstone of the community. Our goal is to work against the effects of generations of separation, racism, inequality, and poverty in Detroit. We, at Auntie Na’s House, want to put the word ‘unity’ back into ‘community.’ We are organizing with people of all colors from diverse backgrounds to build a center for day-to-day survival in the community. By offering food, water, clothing, transportation, temporary shelter, and educational programs, we strive to support the whole family. At Auntie Na’s House we allow the children to develop a sense of identity and belonging while expressing their creativity. And truly, Auntie Na’s House is not just a house–it is a home with a diversity of family, loved ones and friends that you carry throughout life.

While we are organizing locally we are attempting to resist and disrupt larger historical trends of oppression. In recent times, the dictatorial authority of Detroit’s emergency manager has led to the economic and political disempowerment of the people. Additionally, the global financial collapse has hit the families in Detroit especially hard. We also feel that intertwining ecological issues related to energy, food, water, and climate are having a devastating impact on the less fortunate in the city. Therefore, we are attempting to address current and future economic, ecological, and social crises by working with others to become self-sufficient. Ultimately, we are fighting for a more just and equitable world, but we realize that there are tangible needs that have to be met immediately in order to assure the long-term survival of this community.

Auntie Na’s House is surviving and thriving on the Westside of Detroit. Just as the plants in the garden are helping to feed the body and the spirit of our people, we are planting the seeds of unity and community to nourish the roots of a stronger generation.


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