SEEDS Campaign

Auntie Na’s House is planting seeds and deepening roots to harvest unity in our community.



Our community survival programs are expanding beyond our humble house on the cornerstone of Yellowstone. We have purchased 4 abandoned homes on our block on the Westside of Detroit and are rebuilding them to serve as homes for community members in need, complete with a variety of community outreach programs. Over the next year, we aim to complete our Medical House, our Nutrition House, our Learning House, and our Clothing House. All of these homes will be collectively owned, run by the community, and will be a part of our efforts to build up a Village in the heart of Detroit.

In Auntie Na’s Village, we provide a home for the homeless, a haven for the misfits, and a sanctuary where wayfaring strangers can live in community. We are sent the ones who life and society has left behind, has tried to crush, those who have fallen through the cracks of this broken system. In our Village we defend the right to life. We claim the rights to clean air, pure water, safe shelter, renewable energy, good food, healing medicine, communal land, and freedom. We understand these to be living rights – the rights that give you the right to life.

Plant a SEED for Auntie Na’s Village by contributing to our campaign.

*Auntie Na’s House is a non-profit that is fiscally sponsored by the Georgia Street Community Collective. All donations to our organization are tax-deductible.